WOW. I have just been out to a property for a client of yours (D. & S. Hoare), whom I know personally and as such do their tax depreciation schedules on their properties. I do not normally do this, but felt I would as I was so impressed. The presentation of the property that you have available for rent were just absolutely first class. Well done. I appreciate that it is not a new property, but none the less, with your boards out the front, they simply had the best street appeal. Well done to you. It is refreshing to see a real estate firm proud of their products and presentation. I often see properties with long lawns, weeds and boards that are barely standing upright. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend.

M. Sadlier (Director)


I just thought it was about time that I emailed you to simply inform you what an absolute unbelievable great job Donna is doing with managing both Glen & my properties in Hamlyn Terrace. Talk about fantastic effort. I can’t express enough words to you Lorraine about her wonderful work ethic. She is an absolute credit to you. I think you should congratulate yourself in appointing her to your staff. She has done me no wrong & in fact has spoken to me many a time when it’s been well & truly after 5pm your time. Sorry, but it is difficult somewhat to keep remembering it’s not Perth time when your calling. However, Donna always answers the phone & eager to assist with any problems I may wish to discuss at that time. So Lorraine, you have an absolute gem of an employee who I believe just goes that extra yard to help. Again thanks for allocating our properties to her portfolio & please do not make any changes. As we all know, when you’re on a good thing, stick to it!! Thanks Lorraine.


Lee Timbrell (Landlord)


Over the last week or so I have done a bit of research into property managers in the area, and Shortland Property Management came out on top from my research, so yes, please pass on my details to Lorraine and we can start doing what needs to be done. We have received photos. So far so good in how smoothly everything is going.

Lauren (Landlord)

We have had our property managed by Lorraine since 1991. During this time any problems and building maintenance have been managed competently and with minimal problems. At all time we were kept informed where necessary. Lorraine is a professional and dedicated Property Manager who is not restricted to 9-5 Monday to Friday.

S. & S. Ewing (Landlord)

Lorraine Howes has managed our rental property for many years. During this time she has exhibited extremely high degrees of professionalism and efficiency in carrying out the many responsibilities of a Property Manager. On many occasions she went beyond what would normally be expected of her in her role to handle awkward situations and in doing so made my life a lot easier for both myself and the tenants of my property. Property reports were filled out diligently and honesty which enable steps to be taken where necessary to remedy problems.

G. Fairhall (Landlord)

I would like to thank you for all the fantastic work that you and your team are doing in regards to managing our investment property in Aberglasslyn. We have been very impress with the quick actions you take. We are very lucky and grateful to have you looking out for us, so thank you very much for all yourwork.

L. Chamberlain (Landlord)

Lorraine Howes has been our Property Manager overseeing my investment property at Adamstown Heights. During this time she has been an energetic Property Manager. She is invariably pro-active concerning work required on the property and has always provided reasonable and sound advice concerning requests and concerns of tenants. She has not failed to keep me informed of tenants concerns and has responded in a timely manner to my requested for work or for advise concerning property improvements and upkeep.

B. Henman (Landlord)

I would like to express my appreciation towards yourself and your business on your professional management if my rental property. For the past 5 years your office has managed our property in Raymond Terrace. During this period you have shown to be very competent m diligent and attent ive to all matters raised. You have always been quick and efficient throughout the management process, especially the minimal turnaround time we had with tenants. You have always promptly responded to my calls and most importantly you have been very trustworthy and honest.

N. Voutos (Landlord)

Keep up the brilliant work Amie and treasure those same principles and standard that you uphold so very dearly. I have no doubt that Lorraine is very well aware of the quality of work you perform and how you contribute to her business as an exceptional and trusted employee .

L. Timbrell (Landlord)

We have immensely enjoyed the time we have spent in the locality and appreciate the high standard of service offered by your company. I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone who enquires.

R. Peet (Tenant)

My husband and I had the pleasure of trusting Lorraine to manage our property for a number of years. During this time of our association she has demonstrated a number of professional and leadership skills to make this a very successful business arrangement.

A. & M. Birrell (Landlord)

Thank you foryourserviceand especially for your quick and satisfactory responses to all my enquiries, I will miss this as no other agency seems to be focused on customer service as yourselves.

Z. Hamid (Tenant)

I have found our dealings with you have been in a very professional and helpful manner, I’ve had no cause to worry about our investment property (great peace of mind) .

R. Sedlins (Landlord)

Thank you for your service, we have only been with you Since May and so far we are very happy with the service, rent going in regularly and no problems.

D. & J. Thompson (Landlord)

We would like to express our appreciation for the assistance, patience and care we’ve been getting from your office so far. We are new to the property market and since we’re from a foreign country, we don’t know how to deal with different task related to it.

M. & Z. Kovacic (Landlord)

Thank you for your assistance during our stay in the property. The family enjoyed living in it, making happy memories and made it our home. Please extend my deepest gratitude to the landlord/s for giving us the opportunity to live there, entrusting us their propert y. Thanks again so much.

T. and J. Aguilar (Tenant)

My sincerest thanks for your assistance and exceptional service in the management of my rental property, it has been a genuine pleasure renting through you for the past four years and I have welcomed your professionalism.

D. Shore (Tenant)

We are extremely happy at the new house and are very impressed with the handling of the rental agreement by the property manager, Lorraine Howes.

T. El-Hayek & L. McDermott

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to my property on my behalf, I would just like to say that I am very satisfied with the management ofmy property by Shortland and yourself.

D. Oakley (Landlord)

As a Real Estate agent with my own Agency in Central West NSW, I occasionally assist farming families to invest off farm by purchasing investment properties as a buyer’s agent.

In August 2014 I assisted with a purchase in Rutherford. At the same time I researched Property Manage rs and was most impressed when I spoke with Lorraine Howes, with her knowledge of the market and her policies and procedures in place to ensure that the Landlords investment was well looked after. Both myself and my clients were very impressed with Shortland Property Managements service and from sign up we had a tenant within a matter of days.

We were very impressed with how Shortland handled our situation and my clients are very happy with the outcome. With a pure management focus we look forward to working with Shortland and in particularLorraineand Vicki.

S. Piper – (Buyers Agent)

Hello Shortland team, on behalf of Rachel and myself we wanted to say thank you for managing our property over the past few years. We very much appreciate the efforts and courtesies that your team has showed us. We wish you and your business every success for the future.

G. & R. Burchett (Landlord)